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Soniya Mc Gandhi

Being a part of the education fraternity for nearly three decades, Soniya feels at home with the young minds and is comfortable with the amount of energies they radiate. Their quest for the right path and the fire in them, drives her. She wishes to guide and mentor students in making the right career choice by streamlining their priorities. Her goal is to help high school students as they face a major problem of indecisiveness for career explorations and planning.

  • 'Outstanding Leadership Award' by Global Teaching Excellence (2020),
  • 'School Leadership Program ' from Bassett Education India (2019).
  • She is also a Joint recipient of ‘National Human Resource Optimisation Award' at the 33rd World Management Congress (2012).
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Soniya took inspiration for the name of her counselling firm from the famous book by Phil Jackson called Eleven Rings: The Soul of Success where Phil takes on a philosophical approach to explain what influenced his highly successful coaching career having had a huge impact on names like Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant, among others. Soniya aims to do the same for her students where she simplifies the career paths and does her best to instil confidence within to maximise their potential, solve any kind of problems that they might face, guide them to relieve their anxiety and stress and subsequently encourage them to move towards an impressive career and a bright future.

Perfection is something that comes naturally to her making her a dependable person. Our heartfelt thanks for her valuable inputs from incubation to development of PS Eleven Rings. We wish all the success to this ambitious person with high aspirations.

Kshirija Arora

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