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Soniya Mc Gandhi

Hailing from New Delhi, Soniya has completed her M.Phil. (Mathematics) M.Sc. (Mathematics) and a B.Ed .Along with an exceptional academic background, she also holds an impressive variety of certificates to her credit-

  • 'Career Counselling' from University of California, LA (2022),
  • ‘Green Belt’ Holder in Career Counselling (2022),
  • 'The Science of Well Being' from Yale University (2022), '
  • ‘Project Management' by Google (2022),
  • 'Human Odyssey to Political Existentialism' from Princeton University (2020),
  • ‘School Management and Leadership’ from Harvard Business School of Education (2020),

PS Eleven Rings

Every student possesses certain traits that gives them the edge over others in one or more fields in life. Through our series of tests (aptitude) and analysis (psychometric), we help them find those traits and align them with the scope of their career path.

PS Eleven Rings has counselled over 10000 students. It is a take on coaching soul to success, following the path of Unlearn, Relearn, Brainstorm and Research to Empower the young minds to be able to go an extra mile in this big world, which awaits them to conquer, in full righteousness.

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Need For Counselling

Career counselling help students understand their strengths and weaknesses and then match them with their skills and interests so that they get the best suitable career choice. It can improve the performance of students to a great extent, to enable them to grow physically, mentally and emotionally with the knowledge and freedom to make informed career choices. A career guidance and counselling program develop an individual’s competencies in self-knowledge, educational and occupational exploration, and career planning.

With a plethora of information available online, students often get confused with the vast variety of career options. The energy levels the young minds possess is amazing. soniya believes that if these energies are timely channelised, tweaked rightly and simultaneously unleashed, the result can be mind blowing. She feels that Career counselling is synonymous to a little lamp guiding the would-be entrepreneurs, data scientists, wildlife photographers, and all these future stakeholders of mankind, from a dot start, to achieving the unachievable and accomplishing much more than their potential.

Our Approach

P.S. Eleven Rings is a firm that prioritizes the transformation of a simple heartfelt vision of higher education in students, India and abroad, to reality.

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