P.S. Eleven Rings is a firm that prioritizes the transformation of a simple heartfelt vision of higher education in students, India and abroad, to reality. This is done by providing a complete end-to-end solution for the application process personalised for each student going from admission to after selection provisions (in case of overseas counselling). Our mentors provide customised recommendations and unbiased solutions depending on the students’ requirements, capabilities, interests, and goals.

Our team follows a dedicated approach to counselling enabling accurate and comprehensive data on all available options. Informed decisions are thereby guaranteed when these options are presented to the students and parents to look over. Our mission is to provide professional services that support the students in finding the right path and gaining a competitive advantage throughout the college application process.

1. Profile Analysis and Portfolio Building

Tracking and analysing the growth (personal and academic) of every student over the years help our consultants to provide the most effective recommendations. For the students of grades 9 to 12, our counsellors focus on personalised counselling to develop areas such as academic performance, extracurricular engagement, community service, athletic engagement, leadership opportunities, upskilling, summer program, and so on.

2. College Research and Shortlisting

Choosing the right course is not an easy decision but a necessary one. We help you chose the right course based on your interest, profile, financial constraints, and career goals. We assist you shortlist the right college or university in India or across the seas. The big decision to choose a dream, cost-friendly, and safe choice of college is where P.S. Eleven Rings aid you.

3. Personalised Counselling based on Standardized Tests

These standardised tests are devised for the sole purpose of evaluating the student’s aptitude. Our consultants guide you towards the right scores that universities look for and what to aim for to nail the right university based on your interest and skill. We could even advice in case you need to reach out to financial planners, and behavioural health services as well. The sole focus of P.S. Eleven Rings is academic counselling and career advising.

4. Recommendation Letter Guidance

If you can receive a perfect LOR (letter of recommendation), it goes a long way in your application process. It is important to maintain good relationships with your schoolteachers, staff, mentors, administrators, and counsellors. We handhold you on how to receive a good LOR.

5. Tracking Guidelines

The counsellors at P.S. Eleven Rings are particular about deadlines and help parents and students keep a track of them such as registrations for standardized tests and the deadline for submitting college applications. The entire counselling is distributed over some period to avoid a last-minute hurry for application submissions. An organised approach is followed and planned well in advance.

6. Application Review and Submission

Once you have received test scores, written the most creative essays, gathered your certificates and LORS, compiled your portfolio, and completed your applications, you are ready to submit the documents to your dream colleges and universities. We will be there at every step and help you if you forget any crucial step.

7. Interview Mentoring

The best and dominantly popular colleges demand a discussion-based interview, where academic and subject-related questions are the priority. At the same time, candidates need to be thorough about every written element in the application that can be cross-questioned. We, at P.S. Eleven Rings, help you prepare for the interviews through mock sessions and guidance on how to speak up confidently about the topic of interest.

8. Financial Aid and Scholarships

Parents and students need to grasp the concept of financial aspects and the importance of finding a college that meets those requirements. We will help you guide around the financial forms and how and when to get them through. In addition to guidance on finances, our counsellors will assist students in gaining relevant scholarships in their field of interest wherever applicable. This puts the minds of the parents at ease as handling finances for the college becomes easier.

9. Overseas Career Counselling

Studying abroad is a global phenomenon, with students crossing countries, continents, and oceans in their quest to receive the best education possible. It is truly a life-shifting experience. There are personal, academic as well as career benefits. It’s a great opportunity to try something totally new and to fully immerse yourself in something you know well. The added benefits of a new culture and new social cannot be ruled out.