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Profile Building

Profile Building Program is the key that focuses on the personal growth and overall development of the student while encouraging their academic excellence, networking, and social engagements.

This program is customized based on the merits, capabilities, and strengths of a student. The tailor-made process ensures mutual benefit and empowering experience for both mentor and mentee.

Mentorship Program

Our consultation program is not time-bound nor consists of eligibilities. You may be in any grade from 9 to 12th or fresher to senior, this program can help you regardless. P.S. Eleven Rings mentors are dedicated to being patient with each student to interact with them and gauge their strengths, weaknesses, and interests. To work on this, the mentor would prepare a chart to highlight possible time-bound activities that will help the student in advance, overcome the weakness, and reach their goals of attaining an impressive personal and academic profile. Further, the consultant would suggest additional skill-building exercises that will help strengthen the portfolio of the student based on the expectations of the universities and possible potential.

service details
service details

Undergraduate Counselling

Once you are done with your 12th, you have a long way ahead of you to start stepping into the world of college. But where do you go? While schools have limited choices, colleges offer myriad options of courses and classes to choose from. It is a heavy task to finalize a single preference in terms of college putting severe pressure on students. At this stage, our mentors and consultants can turn your frown up-down and relieve that pressure of the decision-making by helping you through it.

If you have early preparations for college, your process will be smooth. But your options become limited if you are unprepared with no relevant application to show. P.S. Eleven Rings is all the help you need to guide you from the start to end application process.